Frequently Asked Questions

To make your home buying experience easier and more effortless, we have compiled some questions that we most frequently get asked during the home buying process.

Although we make it a point to keep ourselves and our clients updated with the ever-changing real estate rules and regulations, we encourage you to contact us to further discuss any doubts you may have.


I am a N.R.I., can I purchase property in the form of Flats in India?

Yes, you can. Please contact our Customer Care/Sales Executives for the necessary information.
Contact: +91-9881257874

I am a PIO/OCI card holder, can I purchase Flat/s in India?

Yes, you can. Please provide us your PIO/OCI card details at and we will get back to you after preliminary verification.

What sort of documents will I receive as evidence on purchase of my flat?

You will receive a registered Agreement of Sale stipulating your flat details, payment details and other terms and conditions connected therewith, subject to payment of the applicable stamp duty/registration charges.

Do I require a PAN card, in order to purchase a Flat?

The registering authorities do require PAN details to be mentioned on the agreement. However, if you are a resident Indian and do not possess a PAN card, you can still purchase a flat by filling the required Form 60 along with the certified copy of your address proof.

Does Tridentia Developers offer flexibility in payment plans?

Yes, we understand every individual’s needs are different. We offer a range of flexible payment plans that tends to the different needs of home buyers.

Can changes/upgrades to the flat’s interiors be made during construction?

Of course. Changes to the interior design can be done as long as these changes are within the by-laws and do not affect external elevations and ducting lines.

Please note that the type of change may result in additional time for completing your new home, and even additional costs.

Can the Agreement for Sale be signed by giving a power of attorney to another person/relative?

Yes, our legal team will advise you regarding the required power of attorney as per the prevailing rules.

Are the car parking slots marked/identified during purchase?

Yes, all car parking slots will be allotted with a specific number stipulated in the agreement of sale along with a parking plan.


How do I update my new address?

Please furnish a request letter along with the proof of the new address.

I want to sell my Flat, whom should I contact?

Please provide us with all the details via e-mail at and we will get back with the required information after checking your payment status.

Can I rent out my Flat?

Yes, you can rent out your flat, but you can do so only after obtaining written permission from the developer/society, as the case may be.

Can I register a nominee with respect to my flat?

Yes, you can register a nominee with respect to your flat. Please contact our Customer Care/After Sales Executive who will guide you with the process.

If there is a delay in completion of the project, will Tridentia Developers be liable to pay compensation for delay in possession?

The normal time frame of completion depends on individual projects, which in turn is usually linked to the payment schedule stipulated in the agreement of sale.

For reasons that are beyond the developer’s control—such as unavoidable natural or environmental forces, or court order—which may delay the completion, there is an automatic reasonable extension provided in the agreement of sale.

However, in other cases, you are entitled to seek compensation for delay in delivery of possession as per the penalty clause mentioned in the agreement of sale.

Who pays the stamp duty/registration charges in case of purchase of a flat?

The concerned client has to pay the stamp duty/registration charges depending on the documentation that may be executed.

Will the stamp duty paid at the time of agreement get adjusted during the execution of the deed of conveyance?

Yes, the stamp duty gets adjusted provided the person signing the agreement of sale and execution of the deed is the same. This also depends on the state government notification in force during the execution of the deed.

Why is a “Deed of Conveyance” and not individual “Sale Deed” signed at the time of formation of the housing society?

A deed of conveyance is executed if it is decided to form a Cooperative Housing Society (CHS), and individual deeds of sale are implemented in favour of the individual client in case of a Maintenance Housing Society (MHS).

For effective management and operation, the developer usually opts for a CHS and executes a deed of conveyance directly in favour of the CHS. At times, the state government also provides a rebate in stamp duty/registration charges in order to encourage the formation of a CHS.

Can I resell the apartment? What are the required formalities?

You become the owner of the flat after receiving occupancy of the apartment and a no objection certificate from the developer and/or the housing society, and can then resell the flat.