Soil Investigation or geotechnical investigation is a procedure that determines the stratigraphy (study of rocks) and relevant physical properties of the soil underlying the site. This is done to ensure that this substructure, which is eventually going to hold up homes, is safe and enduring.

For any civil engineering project, however big or small, it is of primary importance that a proper field survey and a very precise geotechnical investigation be conducted. Geotechnical investigation is an integral part of the construction process which is done to obtain information about the physical characteristics of soil/rock around a site. It is a below-ground investigation wherein the soil strata is sampled and tested to establish its characteristics, which will influence the construction project.

These investigations form the basis for planning, designing, and constructing the structures. The serviceability and performance of the structure depend on the accuracy and adequacy of these investigations. How accurate the information in the geotechnical report is strongly influences the design, construction, project cost, and safety.

Unfortunately, many people underestimate the importance of proper geotechnical investigation during the conceptual phase of a project. One of the greatest causes of foundation failure is insufficient knowledge of ground conditions.

There have been some instances where attempting to save on such site investigations have led to disastrous results. Because structures that are designed on assumed or inadequate data can lead to long term complications. It may also result in loss of life and property, endanger residents, damage adjoining structures, and essentially be rendered non-functional for intended purpose.

Thus soil investigations provide the engineer with knowledge of the subsurface conditions at the site of an engineering project. It allows the engineer to work out safe and economical design of a project and inform the construction engineer about the material and conditions he will encounter in the field.

This is a critical step in the construction process that we do not take for granted. At Tridentia, your safety is our priority. Soil investigation is just one of the many ways through which we ensure it.

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